💸In-game Staking

The stake-to-play rewards system now distributes a total of 5 billion MHNT tokens across a period of 24 months. Each month, approximately 83,333,333 MHNT tokens will be released into the game ecosystem.

However, the potential rewards a player can collect are calculated on a round-by-round basis, tied directly to the amount of MHNT tokens they stake. Here's how to calculate a player's potential rewards for a single round:

Calculate the player's Stake Ratio:

  • Stake Ratio = Player's MHNT Stake / Total MHNT Staked in Round.

Multiply the Stake Ratio by the total round rewards to get the Player's Max Round Rewards:

  • Max Round Rewards = Stake Ratio * Total Round Rewards.

For instance, let's assume a player stakes 1,000,000 MHNT tokens, and the total MHNT staked in the round is 100,000,000 tokens:

  • Stake Ratio = 1,000,000 / 100,000,000 = 0.01.

Assuming that the total round rewards are 3,500,000 MHNT tokens, then

  • Max Round Rewards = 0.01 * 3,500,000 = 35,000 MHNT tokens.

This means the player can collect up to 35,000 MHNT tokens from the round. Once they hit this limit, they can only gain more tokens by eliminating other players.

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