🎮Skins Skirmish

Free to Play Category ( No requirements )

Game mode: "Skins Skirmish"

Objective: Hunt players and level up in a deathmatch Rewards: Players in this category can earn tradeable weapon skins as rewards. Starting Point: Players in this category start in a lobby, and once the minimum required number of players is met, the round begins.

Skins Acquisition and Marketplace:

A distinctive aspect of "Skins Skirmish" is that it is the only avenue through which players can acquire these sought-after skins. Players can unlock these skins by leveling up in the game mode, providing an incentive for strategic play and continuous engagement.

Furthermore, this game mode acts as the only initial source of skins for the marketplace. By competing and advancing in "Skins Skirmish," players not only claim skins for personal use but also become suppliers for the marketplace. These skins, once earned, can be traded or sold in $MHNT, contributing to the vibrant and dynamic MetaHunt economy.

Skins and Rarity:

At the end of each round, leveling up grants the player a random skin. These skins are dynamic and could contain anything from commons to rares. The value and rarity of skins encourage players to compete harder and strategize more effectively. This feature introduces a luck-based reward system

Experience (XP) and Risk:

In "Skins Skirmish," gaining XP isn't without its risks. When a player is eliminated by another player, they lose the XP they've earned during the round. This lost XP is then gained by the player who eliminated them. This feature injects a significant risk-reward dynamic into the game, further intensifying competition and strategic gameplay. It emphasizes the importance of both offense and defense, as players must protect their XP while hunting for others.

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