🖌️Dynamic Skins

A cool feature that will add a unique layer of strategy and depth to our game: weapon skin quality. Just like in the real world, weapons in our game can show signs of wear and tear. The more a player uses a skin in battle, and the more times they fall in combat, the more the quality of their weapon skin will diminish. This wear and tear won't just be cosmetic - it will also affect the rarity and value of the "Condition" trait of the weapon skin (Deadstock (DS), Very Near Deadstock (VNDS), Excellent (EX), Good (GD), Beat (B) ) .

To restore a weapon skin to its former glory, players can visit the Armory/Blacksmith and use MHNT tokens to repair their skins. This introduces a new utility for MHNT tokens and adds a strategic element to the game.

Just like the real-world market for collectibles, where savvy collectors buy, restore, and resell valuable items, players can employ similar strategies with their weapon skins. For example, a player might find a rare but worn weapon skin being sold for a low price. They could buy it, spend MHNT to restore it, and then resell it at a higher price for a profit.

Whether you're a collector who likes to keep their prized skins in pristine condition, or a warrior who wears their battle scars with pride, this new feature offers exciting new opportunities for all our players.

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