🎮Fortune Frenzy

Pay to Play Category: ( Tickets required )

Game Mode: "Fortune Frenzy" Objective: Be the last one standing and Claim the Game Pot Rewards: Players in this category have the opportunity to compete for the Pot, which consists of Ethereum rewards funded by the platform's reserve pool. Starting Point: Players in this category start in a lobby, and once the minimum required number of players is met, the round begins.

The Game Pot:

  1. The game commences with players purchasing tickets. These tickets are not specific to any round but are collected in the Reserve Pool. This pool, which holds a significant 70-80% of the ticket sales, serves as the backbone of our game's sustainability.

  2. The Reserve Pool calculates the available funds and ticket holders and feeds a fixed percentage (4%) of its total value into each game round. For example, if we raise $15,000 from ticket sales and 80% of that goes into the pool, we can guarantee a pool of $480 (4% of $12,000) for each of the next three rounds.

  3. As the game rounds progress, the number of participants and their ticket purchases contribute to the Reserve Pool. However, it's important to note that the game pot for each round is determined by the Reserve Pool, not by the ticket sales specific to that round. This mechanism ensures that each round has a fixed reward.

  4. After each round, all participants are relocated to the server's lobby. The tickets from the previous round are no longer valid, and players must spend a new tickets to participate in the next round. If the pot from a round remains unclaimed, it returns to the Reserve Pool.

  5. The unclaimed pot money from each round is added back to the Reserve Pool. This pool then recalculates the funds and redistributes them amongst the subsequent rounds, effectively growing the potential rewards over time. This mechanism ignites fierce competition as players vie for a more substantial prize pool.

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