🖌️Skins Marketplace

MHUNT's Free-to-Play game model incorporates a unique system of player progression and rewards, focused primarily on Skins that can be acquired through gameplay. The model promotes both consistent play and skill, providing players with an opportunity to earn exclusive Skins that can be used to customize their in-game appearance.

These Skins, earned by leveling up in the Free-to-Play mode, add a level of depth to player experience, allowing for customization and personalized expression. Furthermore, they enhance the economy of the game, as they can be traded within the MetaHunt Marketplace in $MHNT . This allows players to swap or sell their skins for others, fostering a dynamic player-to-player trading ecosystem.

The MetaHunt Skins Marketplace operates with a 10% fee structure that bolsters the sustainability and growth of the platform:

  • 5% supports the operation and ongoing development of the MHUNT platform.

  • 2.5% is returned to the MHUNT reserve pool as converted ETH, contributing to the game's prize pool for rounds.

  • 2.5% is converted into ETH and distributed to COC token stakers

Each month, these fees are deducted, converted to ETH, and distributed accordingly, strengthening the platform's financial sustainability. This dynamic marketplace forms a cornerstone of the MetaHunt ecosystem, facilitating interactions, transactions, and the vibrant exchange of valuable Skins among players. For example: The non blockchain based Marketplace for CSGO (Counter strike) platform received approximately 2.3M visits during the last month. There are currently 17.1K different items available on the marketplace, with a total of 624.9K listed offers. Additionally, the combined value of all CS:GO skins that are currently available on the CSGO marketplace amounts to $5.9M

Despite taking just a few hours a week for most traders, the top 10% of trader claim to earn between $2,500 and $10,000 a month from their skins collections. And Valve the company behind Counter strike is raking in up to $1,786,271.45 every day. That's $54,355,263.16 per month on average and $651,989,078.25 per year...

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