💸(ETH) Divis

Enhancing Token Holder Benefits

In the MetaHunt ecosystem, 10-20% of ticket sales are allocated to be distributed among COC token holders who choose to stake their tokens. This feature establishes a system where token holders can reap the benefits of the game's success, while also fostering a thriving and engaged community.

To provide a clear understanding of this distribution mechanism, let's consider a scenario where $1,000 worth of ETH in ticket sales are generated in a single round. Based on the predetermined percentage, between $100 and $200 would be set aside for distribution among staking token holders. The share each holder receives will be proportionate to the amount of their staked tokens.

The distributed ticket sales system serves as an incentive for token holders to stake their COC tokens. By doing so, they can enjoy the rewards generated through ticket sales, further enhancing the value of their investment in the project.

Overtime, as more games start to take place simultaneously, and as we move to automate all the gaming mechanics, we can expect to have multiple ticket sales ongoing at the same time, bringing more back to token stakers.

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